MICURA type introduces

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MICURA high accuracy is measured machine - the assurance of small-sized workpiece, honour enjoy structure of top class precision compact, measure essence of life to allowed MICURA to offer superexcellent solution for the high accuracy demand of current industry domain, through providing top class sensor technology VAST XT Gold and Navigator - technology, make MICURA OK offer much better active scanning is politic, scanning precision can achieve a micron the following. Especially lesser to norms, public errand is strict and the workpiece with complex structure. For instance: The structural part inside hydraulic pressure executive component and control component, small-sized electric machinery and gear-box perhaps is in the structural part in optics and electronic technology, MICURA will exhibit a strong point greatly. Its structure is compact, measure limits to be able to achieve 500 X 500 X 500 Mm however – is shown and excel is congener measure equipment. The sensor of VAST XT Gold of high speed scanning with accurate essence can realize every second to be as high as the high speed scanning of 200 measurement point. Covered measure of of all kinds geometry not only, can get at short time more include the form such as circularity and flatness tolerancepublic errand feature. Support at the same time 0.

Of 3 Mm measure needle ball way imperceptibly. Technology of scanning of the person that be based on VAST Navigator navigate realized superexcellent trends to measure speed. The standard configuration of MICURA offers VAST-Navigator- technology. Be based on this technology, in ensure precision premise falls, measure speed to be able to undertake automatically optimize and modulatory - shorten significantly thereby measure time. To the position with precision particularly high demand, MICURA traversal speed will self-adjusting slow. If outline is relatively simple and precision demand is not particularly high, criterion traversal speed can be accelerated. This technology passes tangent scanning, helix scans and the fast and dynamic calibration that measure a needle saved many measurement time. The computer assists precision to amend (CAA) measures an error to will undertake assisting correction through the computer by what dynamic effect causes. Quick measurement – MICURA makes you more relaxed MICURA of human body engineering had new position to user operation environment. Indication screen and double joy stick can make MICURA measures machine independence to reach process designing at undertaking controlling besides the computer. The operation uses the chart type design of forthright, even if does not have deep measurement machine use experience, yi Ke is relaxed begin. The ahead that granite measures platform can be placed exceed measure the operation face plate besides the space and tool. Advanced design ■ the effect that the slideway with qualitative material of high-tech pottery and porcelain reduced an environment greatly. ■ distinctive bearing technology makes systematic stability and precision much better. ■ the bearing of all sides encircle that comes from Cai Si of · blocking Er provided safeguard for stability and precision. ■ MICURA deploys standard temperature sensor ■ the system measures power adjustable and Li Hengli is measured in measuring a process and tiny, the material that applies to of all kinds sensitivity is qualitative ■ component of etc of the control technology that comes from Cai Si of · blocking Er, software, sensor is perfect be united in wedlock. Use example ■ high accuracy slideway and bearing ■ the piston of strict public errand or axis kind spare parts ■ man-made hip joint ■ gear ■ optical lens CNC Milling