A certain number of crucial technologies study the ASP service platform that faces network to make

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Summary: Network makes a system can increase the cooperation between company competition ability, stimulative enterprise. Current, be based on application to serve a provider to serve platform compose to build network to make a system had become research heat. The application in basically serving a provider to serve platform to make a system in network to application undertook study; In the light of the user management that is based on administrative levels to change pattern, service that is based on Web Service compositive mix with management be based on most a certain number of crucial technologies such as the plan expenses administration with subtotal unit cost undertook more thorough discussion, offerred corresponding solution; Gave out finally an example. Keyword: Application serves a provider; Administrative levels changes a structure; Most subtotal expends unit foreword network to make is with answering the market to need quickly sue for peace increases a business (industry group) a kind of when competition ability is main goal advanced production mode. Enterprise (industry group) can pass use etc of advanced network technology, production technology relevant technology, compose is built face a company (industry group) the is based on a network production system of specific requirement, fall in systematic support, break through the limitation of dimensional district, between implementation enterprise cooperate with and of all sorts of society natural resources share with compositive, ground of high rate, high quality, low cost offers product kimono Wu for the market, enhance whole industry catenary and the competition ability of production group thereby [1, 2] . Current, be based on application to serve a provider (Application Service Provider, ASP) service platform compose builds network to make a system already became research heat [2, 3] , use this kind of mode to make broad medium and small businesses can realize enterprise informatization with low cost [3, 4] , raise business economic benefits, the strategy that accords with a country to drive industrialization with informatization [5] . Domestic and international scholar undertook study in the light of ASP mode, put forward a few valuable with the point of view that has innovation sex, and the executive program with stronger maneuverability [6 ~ 8] . In view of the development potential with ASP tremendous mode, company of much home IT had joined the train that ASP serves, be like Oracle, SAP, IBM, microsoft, of Intel and home open eye to wait with friendly, Wuhan. The network that is based on ASP to serve platform is made although the system is already arisen devoted use, but a lot of problems have not get be settlemented effectively, if ASP serves the technology of weak component part of platform,immature, user manages efficiency way of inferior, plan cost is not quite quick, and the effective protection issue of the commercial secret with very sensitive user [9] . This task group falls in support of national 863/CIMS project, the area network that links Zhejiang to save lump economy area to carry out makes a system, had a few research in the light of afore-mentioned problems, offerred corresponding solution. The 1 ASP that faces network to make serves platform Zhejiang province to have area of many lump economy, the enterprise inside area is in same property catenary mostly, as the amplification of economic development and scale of production, to can be answered quickly the market is mixed share resource, these enterprises are badly in need of a kind can the network of all sorts of production resource inside integrated area makes a system. But, the enterprise inside area is capital, technology and the medium and small businesses that the talent lacks more, if use traditional business to build means to carry out network to make a system oneself, cannot bear already the construction cost of high specified number, safeguard and run respective system again without enough technical power and professional [3, 5] . ASP mode can reduce use network to make the skill that systematic place requires and capital doorsill, broad medium and small businesses needs to pay cheap fee only, can obtain rich peripheral software to prop up platform and support of outside technology power [4, 5] . Accordingly, the article put forward a kind to be based on ASP to serve platform, have versatility and the area network that open sexual characteristic to make a system. Need of network production system is compositive the different compose that comes from different development platform in great quantities with management serves software. To assure compositive the effectiveness with management, the general development package that still needs to make a system develop personnel to offer fast compose to build Wu of administrative tool kimono for network. To get used to this kind of demand, make sure network makes systematic versatility and open sex, this systematic compose built package of tool of a market government, development and the ASP that the service that prop up is an organic whole to serve platform, its architecture is shown 1 times like the graph. (1) the tool that manages tool layer to basically include administrative ASP to serve platform place to need, if member management, log management, moving monitoring, information management, service is compositive,click with management, plan cost shed an analysis to wait. (2) platform component level offers a series of general development package to development staff, build of all kinds system to manage tool and network to make a service with fast compose, raise a system to develop efficiency and stability. Specific content includes: Database connection service, file service, XML analytic service, news service and log service. (3) the service propping up that layer of the service that prop up makes superstratum application service of the system provide a series of basises for network, include credit attestation, enterprise to apply current service of compositive, UDDI and EbXML to register a service to wait, move steadily in order to ensure superstratum. A certain number of crucial technology ASP of platform of service of 2 implementation ASP serve the implementation of platform to involve multinomial and crucial technology, the ASP service platform that creates to facing network, basically be how effective ground is compositive govern numerous, type the application of each different serves. The administrative tool layer that the graph shows 1 times is compositive the functional layer that runs these applied services. In the meantime, administrative tool layer still is loading member management, plan cost to manage etc management job. Accordingly, managing tool layer is the key of ASP service platform, article general undertakes study for the key with this. Managing tool layer to need settlement core problem is: How compositive serve in great quantities with management, how to manage the many member on platform, how to have reasonable plan cost, realize ASP to serve the interest balance between the operation business of platform and consumer thereby. To business of service, member, operation this 3 person the relation between, OK and wraparound for " make sure true membership can use correct service in right time, spend true cost " . This shows, member management, service is compositive the crucial technology that managing with management, plan cost is platform of implementation ASP service. 2.

The user scale that 1 member manages network to make a system is larger, the relation between the user is complex, and user requirement system can be offerred but custom-built, personalized service. To member management, basically use passivity management and active government currently two kinds of mode: ① passivity manages. The user accepts the government of systematic manager passively, cannot choose the service that oneself need independently. ② manages actively. Have a kind of pattern of ego management completely by the user, systematic manager does not share user management. To using these two kinds of mode government network makes systematic user, systematic manager will pay very big price. For example, hypothesis system shares X user, offer Y service, every user has authority to use every service, and the user serves medium part in every not identical, so the Y of · of the X that be amounted to by administrative target that systematic manager faces actually. Below this kind of circumstance, systematic manager certainly will wants to be major energy flower on user management, bring about a system to defend price tall, and form the hole that systematic safety runs easily. Nextpage is this, the mixture that the article raised a kind of passivity management and couple of active management posture manages mode, on one hand the user has quite large own advantageous position to undertake administrative actively, on the other hand systematic manager also shares user management moderately, form a kind of cent administrative levels that applies to large-scale user to manage mode thereby, if pursue,2 are shown. In this kind of mode, the member that introduced dummy company and fictitious business management these two objects. Dummy company is the gather of the user, these users belong to the enterprise in a reality together commonly; The member that every dummy company sets a business management, will hold the position of by a certain user inside dummy company, manage the internal general affairs of dummy company. Graph 2 in, a, b, ... , x represents dummy company, a0 ~ An, b0 ~ Bn, ... , x0 ~ Xn represents an user, among them A0, b0, ... , the member that X0 represents fictitious business management. The user can have many parts, if the graph is shown 2 times, a2 and B0 are same the different role of an user, c4 and X0 are same likewise an user. After the member that introduce dummy company and business management, on one hand the pressure of user of systematic manager management is reduced greatly, also make the user had the right that manages actively on the other hand, the service that makes the user obtains individuation thereby becomes a possibility. Accordingly, this kind of mode can run more large-scale user not only, also can make the user acquires certain own right. 2.

2 services are compositive with administrative network production system needs to provide many applied service for the user, these applied services distributing to make a system in network with the form of software component in, they have only by correct ground compositive serve for the user to the ability in the system. One of main functions of ASP service platform are correct, a large number of effectively compositive coming from the application that develops platform at differring serves, what can finish this one job is a service compositive with administrative technique. The service of ASP service platform is compositive and main have 3 jobs: ① dynamic ground is compositive the application that comes from different development platform serves; ② discovers the service that the system can provide effectively; ③ is built between the person that service applicant and service are offerred bind decide and call. If pursue,3 are shown. Compositive on ASP service platform a variety of services, it is implementation character actually of a loose coupling, cross platform, the software that faces a service is compositive platform. The effective organization that uses Web to serve means to have a service in this system and management. Web service offerred a kind very good, the dynamic information that is based on Web exchanges a model, it built on all sorts of different compose platform general, the information that has nothing to do with platform and service trade establishment, thereby screen the incompatible sex of all sorts of technologies in Internet and product, supportive information and service flow straightwayly between the computer [7] . Web service registers a center through establishing UDDI to serve, register the applied service that comes from different development platform, will register information to release a center. Register information to include its the format of the position in the network, transmission data, call a method to wait. The function that discovers a service passes UDDI service to register a center to come true likewise. Above all, the operation trade that makes a system by network announces the standard interface of compositive service; Next, software develops business to enclose respective application software, make its satisfy these standard interface; Again criterion, operation business passes the UDDI current service of layer of the service that prop up to release these services to the user. So far, the user of network production system (service applicant) can register a center to search a service through UDDI, when the user finds the service that he wants, the system is built between the person that user and service are offerred namely bind calm relation, the user can call these services through the network. Run numerous service effectively to make ASP serves platform, the service cent in production system of article general network is free service, average small service and high-quality service 3 kinds. (1) free service basically introduces network to make a system, demonstrate and the relevant regulation that applies for a service, also include the content that a few enterprises have commerce is publicized, use in order to attract broad user. The user that always can receive Internet repeatedly all can use this kinds of service. (2) average small service basically is network production system is a few mediumer simple, the service with relatively independent function, if information is released, resource search, companionate choice; Provide the support of activity of mid to company business flow cent, provide valuable service for the enterprise. The user that uses this kind of service needs to undertake registered and the expenses with certain pay. (3) high-quality service basically includes network to make the applied system with the older dimensions in the system, plan like company natural resources (Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP) , client relation manages (Customer Relationship Management, CRM) , CAD (Computer Aided Design, CAD) wait. The intellectual content of this kind of service and additional cost are higher, because this uses the user of this kind of service,need undertakes registered and pay taller fee. The rate of 3 kinds of services, noise is in season a kimono Wu quality each are not identical, the user can need according to his and service of choose and buy of be fond of or service are combined. 2.

3 plan cost manage plan cost to manage the personal interest that matters to operation business and user. If plan cost appears mistake, of whole network production system move to be able to be affected normally. Accordingly, plan cost must accurate without by accident, make operation business and user both sides satisfactory. The function that plan cost governs basically is to offer a variety of plan cost means to choose for the administrator, and be in the plan cost in the light of each users is finished well and truly to work after cycle of every plan cost ends. The plan cost means that current network production system uses is compared mostly onefold, be like pure the means that uses packet of lunar plan fee, pure perhaps use the means that expends by flowmeter. Onefold although plan cost means manages more convenient, but plan cost means is unreasonable, main show is in pay is same the user of use cost, gotten service is measured however the difference is very big. To assure the accuracy of plan cost and rationality, the article put forward " most subtotal cost is unit " concept, the fee that uses to serve place to arise with a member is most subtotal cost is unit. Unit of a plan cost is shown 4 times like the graph. Nextpage pursues 4 in the number that S axis shows every service, u axis shows the number of every member, c axis represents the amount of charge. The cube in the graph expresses most subtotal expends unit F (S, u) , its meaning uses the charge specified number that service S produces for member U. Use the trends that is based on plan cost unit plan cost means, can better land is solved accurate, reasonable the problem of plan cost. If pursue 4 in be shown, set F (S, u) for unit of a plan cost, systematic the Communist Party of China has M user, N service, criterion user I is in inside cycle of a plan cost deal with charge to express to be: C (Ui) = ∫ F (S, ui) Ds, inside cycle of a plan cost, network makes all and receivable charge of the system express to be: F of ∫ of C= ∫ (S, u) Duds. As above, every use the user a service, the system is self-recording the cost that its produce, when plan cost cycle ends, the system is automatic and cumulative the plan cost of every user is unit, those who form an user should pay cost. The trends that uses this kind to be based on plan cost unit plan cost thought, can use different plan cost kind in the light of different service, different user, make sure the system is accurate thereby, record each charge reasonably. The area network that 3 ASP serves ASP of platform application example to serve platform to be able to be used at disparate industry makes a system, this task group chose to have representative carry on to promote in Zhejiang province spin area gently to serve as executive object, compose built carry on to promote the ASP that spins area network gently to make a system to serve platform. This platform is based on J2EE frame compose to build, implemented a plan 1 in shows main function. The graph shows the member management interface that is systematic manager 5 times. Systematic manager is OK the member undertakes faintness or search accurately to systematic enrollment, freeze size of be in debt temporarily (if this member owes cost) , also can delete this insider account. In applying actually, the system is member cent common member, senior member, hypostatic company insider and dummy company insider 4 kinds, before two kinds are individual member, hind two kinds are company insider. Carry out a proof, this kind of member management pattern that divides administrative levels can make systematic manager has user government effectively already, all sorts of services that can make of all kinds user uses a system to offer conveniently again, it is one kind applies to the member management pattern that runs large-scale user. The service that the graph is shown 6 times is ASP service platform is compositive with administrative interface. Can serve to application here undertake attribute is installed, include to serve means of object of category of name, service, service, plan cost to wait, also can pause permanent even suspend some service. Carry on is promoted spin area network gently to make a system will serve cent to be free service, average small service and high-quality service 3 kinds. The object of the service is 4 kinds of afore-mentioned members. To collecting fees the service was offerred plan second, Bao Yuehe includes kind of year of 3 kinds of plan cost, still offerred to high-quality service among them classify by user dimensions the means of plan cost. Through actual application, it is as better as administrative pattern to prove this kind of service is compositive the ground got used to network to make systematic user scale the applied environment with much service of big, application. Carry on is promoted spin area network gently to made a system come true " 4 are united " , unite namely member management, unified login, monitoring of unified plan cost, unified service, the active management that realized pair of large-scale users and the effective government that use a service to much surprise compose. 4 last words serve platform as a result of ASP is the platform that is based on network service, the core data such as the commercial secret of the user is faced with by the danger of filch, the user cares ASP to serve platform and whole network to create safe problem of the system very much. The problem of sex of a few foundations that the article solved ASP to serve platform only, in view of the extreme importance of safe problem, be necessary to have thorough research to the security of platform, offer specific solution. CNC Milling