Use CAXA to tag a Chinese character in PROTEL

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note on circuit board keep a Chinese character, it is a difficult issue all the time, the PORTEL99 that even if is new edition also did not solve this problem well, have a HZ package, can be the password wants after installation is fine, and still use make mistake. I see there is an implied meaning on the website of a netizen later, say to use AUTOCAD and COREDRAW to be able to tag a Chinese character with PROTEL, but I need not COREDRAW, also be disinclined to hold a huge thing technically for this. Did not try all the time so, show me to wanting to want to note a Chinese character with PCB, remembered this literary works again, study carefully, turn the word into the figure namely actually, so need not COREDRAW also is possible. Before one I am using CAXA electron drawing board all the time, it has the function literal break up (of popular AUTOCAD Chinese the order that dissolves the Wang Longdi in the bag to also have break up Chinese character, regrettablly bad to use, the earliest from time to tome of RICHWINFORAUTOCAD12 version, seem to also have break up tool, but cannot find again) . CAXA is quite pretty good, in our major cartography person in the eye, it is stronger than AUTOCAD. Very accord with GB, use convenient, volume is minor, and the price did not say absolutely, above two can be " of 10 thousand level east east ah, and CAXA wants ¥ only 650, actually 400 much enough also. Character compasses is passing: Tag a method to be as follows: The Chinese character is kept in CAXA, the attention adjusts good style, name, use a break up function of CAXA next, literal break up, make the character becomes the figure that makes by independent line segment, circular arc, next, with DXFOUT the graph the command derives, make DXF file. Enter PROTEL next, open a hope to add the line that notes a Chinese character board graph, use File->import... function, guide the DXF document that a moment ago obtained. Can get the tagging of the Chinese character so. A few problems must want to notice: The first, if the Chinese character in CAXA chooses the standard style of WINDOWS, what obtain is crewel font (namely hollow word) , be in transferring into also will be crewel after PROTEL, can use line segment to revise a function to add the line thick (the line segment that transfers into normally is wide for 1mil, namely 0.

0254mm) add thick hind the effect with attainable hollow blame. Perhaps use the single-track system in CAXA, single-track put oneself in another's position is very bad in CAXA to look, but add in PRTOEL thick hind very beautiful also, resemble body of imitation Song-Dynasty-style typeface roughly. The 2nd, the PROTEL99 of new edition is in transferring into the meeting when DXF quizs is to press inch still press the metric system, press plot of the metric system directly when the plot in CAXA can, the answer when transferring into uses the metric system. And the PROTEL of earlier version, always press imperial transfer into, it is so in CAXA very proper figure, transfer into PROTEL can become very big, accordingly, write in CAXA, be about to narrow the word former 1/25, if be about to tag the word with 5 tall millimeter originally, be about to set the word high in CAXA for 0.

2. Use this one function, can tag a Chinese character not only, OK still all sorts of design (wait like brand) had drawn by CAXA or AUTOCAD first, generate DXF file to transfer into again in PROTEL, it is OK that hand-in-hand travel is revised appropriately. Because the plot function of PROTEL is really,do not have software of law and this kind of professional plot to compare. CNC Milling