With the method of both sides of centre of turning circle of workpiece of turning of a knife

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Attached drawing of sketch map of turning of attached drawing flange is the flange sketch that uses on a kind of long-range sensor, want turning A, B, C, D, E5 face. Outside dividing A side, the requirement of each dimension precision, position precision and exterior surface roughness compares other tall. Semifinished product is forging. To assure precision, divide thick car, fine vehicle to finish. Knife of the circle outside using those who install razor blade of 55 ° equilateral lozenge, by the direction of graphic representation installation is on knife stage. Turning method: If press groovy method, face of car A, B uses a knife, face of car C, D, E uses another knife, so thick car and fine vehicle should use 4 knives, and make with treatment of this kind of method the on size error between face of B, E does not exceed tolerancepublic errand very hard (0.

02mm) limits. Use the method of both sides of centre of turning circle of workpiece of turning of a knife, solved afore-mentioned problems. This method is thick car, fine vehicle uses a knife respectively, two knives differ except circular arc of point of a knife outside, other is identical, take cutter track line repeatedly identical. The turning course of lathe tool of essence of life introduces only below. Make point of a knife fast reach M point first, let workpiece turning (M03) while, make point of a knife arrives at cutting again initial drop M, face of ordinal cutting C, D, E, till F dot. Let workpiece stop then turn (M05) , let point of a knife reach N point at the same time, let workpiece changeover (M04) while, let point of a knife arrive at another side cutting initial drop N, face of ordinal cutting B and A face, reach G point till point of a knife. So far, cutting already was finished entirely, retreat a knife, stop to turn and end a program. Use this method, machined more than 10000 successfully, the effect is very good, can offer the work with similar turning to consult. CNC Milling