The treatment of difficult treatment material is politic

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When the cutting tool way that decides efficient milling is politic, besides the geometrical appearance of workpiece, still should consider more factors. Should choose to won't cause flutter, main shaft to stop turn, tooth or knife handle attaint, or the cutting method that cutting tool falls off from main shaft. Strategy of a kind of good cutting tool method is returned should the surface that can machine a regulation is bright and clean degree, reach satisfactory metallic purify rate and cutting tool life. People thinks normally, cutting tool life and cutting tool method have nothing to do. To different cutting tool and workpiece material combination, the corresponding bear that cut bits and exterior cutting rate were recommended in cutting parameter watch -- these data are normally measure actually through be in many turning experiment get, because this has extensive applicability. Cutting tool wears away mechanism (if diffuse to wear away and oxidize,wear away) with temperature closely related, the temperature of cutting area normally very tall. Basically forming those who cut bits to cut a face to go up, temperature will be elevatory, next, should cut bits to be below very high pressure, along cutting tool before when knife face slippage, the attrition force of generation can make temperature lifts further. Heat up high to enough activation when temperature wear away when the mechanism, crossed " heat barrier " , cutting tool wears away begin to increase quickly. However, with the to obtain cutting data turning that undertakes normally experiment photograph is compared, milling treatment is disparate however. The choice of cutting tool method can be changed significantly wear away state. To the combination of certain cutting tool and workpiece material, cutting tool life is not a crucial factor. For example, cutting tool of integral hard alloy can bear aluminous melting point temperature. Accordingly, when workpiece of aluminium alloy of treatment establishing mill, permission exterior cutting rate does not have limitation almost. To material of another some of workpiece, if titanium alloy is mixed nickel radical alloy, cutting tool life is critical factor however. When processing these data, when the cutting temperature of generation is more aluminous than treatment get high much, and they have chemical active at cutting tool material relatively. Accordingly, these difficult treatment material are with inferior exterior cutting speed and material purify rate undertake machining normally. But, because milling itself belongs to interrupted cutting, this is a change " game is regular " offerred an opportunity. If choose radial is cut compare greatly with photograph of cutting tool diameter very small (it is its 1/10 for example) , so, the cutting time of every alone tooth is very short. Rise in temperature " heat barrier " before, tooth had broken away from cutting. Before turning to enter cutting again below this tooth, have proper cooling time. When turning is machined, temperature can rise quickly, achieve to balance temperature and maintain very high continuously. And when milling, temperature rises with same rate, but be in far before achieving turning to balance temperature, tooth broke away from workpiece. And lesser radial cuts late meeting to shorten further the osculatory time of tooth and workpiece, drop average temperature thereby. Very small radial can be used to cut when finish machining deep, this does not hard. But sometimes, in the need when rough machining very big radial is cut deep. If be in inside milling when corner, radial is cut deep often comparative big. But even if is such, also plant through choosing some likely nearly always cutting tool method, make radial is cut deep carry the restriction in the regulation in limits. For example, when mill chamfer, can use the milling of high speed of cycloidal knife course of small diameter milling cutter, will replace the low speed milling of big diameter milling cutter. Cycloidal milling rises circular motion and translation motion overlay. Want translation only athletic appearance is lesser to circular motion, can reduce radial to cut arbitrarily deep. Package of software of process designing of a few CNC Machining can make cutting tool makes similar and cycloidal motion, cut in order to help radial of control of process designing personnel deep. When milling, because reduced radial to cut deep, the data that makes exterior cutting speed can be expressed than cutting parameter raises double above. With power the machine tool with lesser, higher rate undertakes milling of high speed of small negative charge, the treatment of embarrassed treatment material offerred a kind of alternative that has appeal. CNC Milling