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The case of as overall recently as metallic treatment industry depression is opposite, (Be located in Ohio laborious laborious to carry city then) company of Magna machine tool is born enthusiasm grand however. Very affirmative, in the time of the last few years, the vocational level with this total trade is in coast, but to this company, its business resembles a lot of other companies without experience at least in that way predicament. Company president Scott Kramer says: "Because the industry of its place service has diversity,Magna can spend difficulty in difficult period is, still have better and better treatment chance at the same time. " diversity includes chemical industry, papermaking, plastic, steely, machine tool, car and spaceflight aviation industry. The company still has a good maintenance and maintenance division, the company held water 1952 when basically pursue this kind of business. In 150 of Magna red-blooded clients, provided the income of 10% above of company without any. Magna company processes massive work. In large work aspirant travel aperture is machined, bore hole, the major servicing that the operation such as milling and turning is this company. In old in the past time, the company invests on horizontal boring milling machine all the time, these machine tools compare big. The company's newest machine tool is a brand-new 5 axes milling machine of boring of CNC Unio horizontal (HBM) , drive pillar, x axis journey is 33 feet, y axis journey is 157 inches. Mr Kramer says: "Our development chance is large part process capability. Increase as work measure, can machine the manufacturer that gives work not much. This also is the domain that we should continue hard. " make sure flexible HBMMagna company basically builds his process capability around horizontal boring milling machine. It has bed of 4 hands motive and 11 CNC machine tool. 1991, the company is bought and installed milling machine of boring of horizontal of the first CNC. Make this kind of decision (use hand motive bed only before) the purpose is, the business the company from count maintenance and the manufacturing treatment side that maintain operation and transfer new part strongly. Machine tool of the first CNC has <DIV Align=left> the advantage that commands a respect, the machinist that helps a factory is moved from the hand transfer CNC. Install the system of Hai Dehan CNC on milling machine of this Unio boring already can the hand moves an operation, OK also CNC mode works, this is in what dispute Chang Han saw 1991. Mr Kramer says: "It is system of control of form of a kind of dialogue. Use it, we already can the hand moves an operation, OK also CNC mode operation. And process designing can undertake from the line already, also can undertake in workshop spot. " outside the CNC application that goes up besides HBM, magna company still likes this configuration because of other reason. Use the boring milling machine that takes graduation stand, can near each surfaces of workpiece. In addition, use such as accessory of first class of 90 degrees of treatment still can have 5 treatment. Mr Kramer says: "Our milling machine can exceed a machine tool to aperture is machined on the spare parts of limits or undertake milling is operated in dimension, because workshop ground acted as actually,workbench expands partial action. Be aimed at our workpiece type, we need structure of horizontal boring milling machine. " after buying milling machine of boring of the first CNC, fortunately Magna company won business of such a treatment - the production of mill of car of a recreation that is in Sweden for base glides railroad baluster. This is this company brushstroke blame is safeguarded and maintain business. Nowadays, the scale of company business has been maintained from before and safeguard business to occupy 90% move to new part treatment 65% . Mr Kramer recollects: "Add CNC function to make we are producing sheet not only spare parts respect has competition ability more, a not actual on hand motive bed kind of new way before at the same time we still can collect in order to will machine aperture - interpolation means. " choose correct machine tool and most engine job shops is same, in Magna company exercise needs to coordinate. Once process capability reachs the designated position, pass the process capability that specific application needs correct matched pair, the factory can be aimed at specific treatment business and grow or contract force of oneself have more than needed. Aperture treatment is one of more important working procedure apparently, because its amount is larger. Because the company machines a respect to have chance in large work, what because the policymaker of this Magna is right,a certain workpiece considers above all is its dimension and weight. It is the machine tool that can finish corresponding treatment job to allocating of workpiece at first. An example of this kind of decision-making process is to be steely industry to machine a large gear wheel. Amount to 48 inches of Kong Jin of 24 inches of deep, diameters to dimension travel finish machining is apparent should finish by the VTL of 130 inches of diameters of the company. But, the weight of semifinished product is as high as 80, 000 pounds, and of VTL bearing ability has 50 only, 000 pounds. Mr Kramer recollects: "We get on this workpiece move to a HBM, secure the spare parts go up in workbench. It is had bearing enoughly ability. Workbench is helicoid, and have the precision of boring milling machine, can undertake online boring. We are in feed of workpiece a side 30 inches, give workbench graduation, be in again another side feed 30 inches. Had processed this work so. " like choosing the equipment warehouse with right technology and strong aspect of machine tool ability, magna company has a certain number of cutting tool and craft option to be used at getting to cut, boring, milling or turning all sorts of aperture. With in the light of some specific work matchs a machine tool same, to basis client the regulation delivers the goods and undertake efficiently machining as far as possible, the choice of aperture treatment craft is same special also key. When in the light of Kong Jia labour chooses cutting tool and technology, the crucial parameter that Magna company evaluates includes: Kong Shu; Workpiece batch; The dimension of aperture; Workpiece material; Dimension precision; Exterior surface roughness. Mr Kramer says: "Cut to getting 10 come a diameter in 7/8 inch the following aperture, we are used with groovy active service machine only get bore can. And the amount when aperture is very much, reach on 1000 100 aperture, diameter from 1/8 inch to 3/4 inch when differring, we are about to consider to use hard alloy to get (MZS) of 3 water chestnut, use via cooling fluid. The additional cost of hard alloy respect offsets through the extension of cutting tool life. To the treatment of 10 aperture less than, use high-speed steel machine to use auger contrast economy. " briefer to handling time case: 20 ~ 30 aperture, size scope is 1.

25 ~ 4 inches, magna company uses a kind to make the same score auger undertake machining. To larger hole size and taller batch, want to use the bit of different type in Magna. Mr Kramer says: "The hole that becomes us is in 7/8 inch ~ when 4 inches of limits, to conduit plank, heat exchanger or similar spare parts, this is Kong Shu of a big numerary, we should be used but broach of graduation razor blade () of OTM aperture percussion drill. The respect waits in the cost of stuff kind and function and cutting tool life, these in us getting here is behaved very successfully. Can choosing different grade and coating to need in order to match different application is but graduation razor blade is planted in this another reason with good performance of hole size scope. " in Magna, the member that evaluate to workpiece, he can use a factory to get cut all cutting data at any time. They know to get a certain specific aperture to need how long time, these data are used in quote. These cutting data still use as the standard that has new cutting tool evaluating in the light of old cutting tool, so that improve opening,machine a process. Machine to boring hole, magna uses a system that comes from KPT Kaiser. Its bore hole limits is diametical 1/2 ~ 36 inches, use modular structure, can form different boring cutter structure. Undertake to cutting tool system the factory arose standardizing giving more cost-effective, because cutting tool is very easy,move from a machine tool another machine tool, arrive from an operator another operator. These boring lever can be installed when to be in thick boring is machined, 1 /2 of the treatment on the diameter is given in some inch cut deep. With a kind of Shuang Ren boring cutter finishs this kind of heavy-duty cutting. The Magna company guiding boring lever blade setting is 3/4 inch deepness. It is along with the setting that use blade lag behind at guiding blade 0.

020 inches, compare those who guide blade to cut deep 3/4 inch. Every blade cutting 3/4 inch deep, but the synthetic movement of two cutting blade can be on workpiece diameter generation 1/2 inch metallic purify rate. Precision work is large aperture is the result that the whole system that forms by device of machine tool, clamp, cutting tool and cooling fluid produces effect jointly. Magna tries to undertake sheet only commonly second thick cut, undertake the 2nd knife in aperture next half thick cut - if if cast or weldment allow such doing. Mr Kramer says: "Come from cutting tool to make the most opinion of manufacturer suggest: 1/16 should go out in Kong Zhongliu to finish machining inch cutting surplus. Be based on this fiducial, we undertake derivation, in order to decide sheet second the measure that rough machining has whether finish machining can obtain our place to need next plus half rough machining. " work to the treatment of many spare partses, machinist can place rough machining head, half rough machining from traditional thread binding head and finish machining head, let these cutting tool be all set in the begining in production. Accurate cutting tool and machine tool are the requirement that fits clip from line cutting tool. Mr Kramer says: "You should be in what do on the machine tool to try operational ton to achieve certainly least. " when undertaking choosing between boring lever and interpolation, aperture public errand is the first standard that Magna company considers. Aperture deepness is the 2nd criterion, it can decide interpolation is circular arc or helix interpolation. Mr Kramer says: "We are OK aperture from 3/4 inch diametical interpolation goes to 30 inches, if the public errand on the diameter allows,amount to 0.

002 ~ 0.

005 inches word. If tolerancepublic errand is more numeric than this small, we will choose boring to finish machining at least. " to hole depth, 6 inches are the cut off of boring and interpolation relation curve commonly. Be opposite 6 inches or the hole depth of above will undertake boring. To be less than 6 inches hole depth, will use interpolation, be opposite at least rough machining case should be such. Mr Kramer says: "Must extend really when cutting tool when, we machine this spare parts on the HBM that deploys W axis. W axis is in advocate on the face that prop up, length direction can be extended amount to 36 inches, so that ministry of main shaft end is OK,fixed position arrives near workpiece. Undertake feed by the main shaft of inside of main shaft sleeve. The outfit that can keep taller so places tigidity. " Mr Kramer continues to say: "The profit that has a variety of process capability is, we can choose to come with what kind of means best machines aperture. We can be gotten, boring, interpolation machines aperture, perhaps use the aleatoric combination of these operations. Flexible it is the key that the company lives or die. " ceaseless innovation a lot of enterprises can spend difficulty and other enterprise passes without law, answering normally is attributed to its reason to change and get used to ability oneself. To metallic treatment factory, occasionally this are meant should be beyond scope of business go considering. Magna has this kind of capacity. If a certain company concentrates energy in strategical on the plan, can discover in the company when the opportunity appears so and capture it. A such opportunities are by machine tool manufacturer Unio(is located in German Chemitz) to be in the United States new a sell on commission that create is hypostatic, the American company that is called Unio offers recently. This company is limited company of associated nicety service - the spare parts that Unio is in North America area and a branch that serve a branch, the place is located in inside as same as Magna building. The major machine tool of Magna is milling machine of Unio horizontal boring, it is one of best clients that Unio is in the United States. Who can compare (use relevant machine tool at him bread) it is the company sale in this kind of machine tool, better to serve and reveal a respect to be done? That is the technical center that manufacturer uses a part. The maintenance with engineer of the member that had listed what go up in Magna payroll to have process designing, application and well-trained factory personnel. Not difficult imagination is these people can replace potential machine tool buyer likewise and the job, transfer its workshop skill, the help is sold and install milling machine of new Unio horizontal boring thereby. Be in the United States, the amount of horizontal boring milling machine that sells every year is not large. The company did not let take the person of salary to waiting for a client to call, the member that let person of these technologies, high skill however busies the part is made in the workshop, enhance technical ability and the help is achieved close, let everybody have contented feeling thereby. CNC Milling