Play coordinate measures a technology to produce medium crucial effect in aviation

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Review nearly 20 years to come, the flying progress of have the aid of at technology of microelectronics, computer, the machine tool is being changed towards high accuracy, muti_function, high speed, efficient, compound function, intelligence is changed wait for directional stride, also push motive to add a technology to side with digitlization, compositive change, intelligence is changed, change without paper, profit of green treatment, seed is efficient wait for direction to develop. And because of,design a technology of engineering technology level rise ceaselessly, use etc structure of intensity, whole is increasing, the requirement of workpiece more and more complication. Face especially it is dominant in order to digitlize a technology, with advanced assemble component part of technology, answer ability to make, CNC Machining is platform for advanced production technology of the representing, carry out " it is core in order to assemble, make accurately with the spare parts to prop up, it is a foundation in order to digitlize a technology " craft devises an idea, build change digitlization, accurately, flexible the production technology system that change, achieve low cost, efficient development goal, advanced coordinate measures a technology product of already perforative and whole aviation makes whole process. Because any figure choose composition by the space, it is OK that all geometries measure a volume end is measured for what the space nods, because this enters what coordinate nods between line space accurately to collect, it is assess the foundation of any geometrical appearance, this is the principle that coordinate measures a technology. And the fundamental that typical coordinate measures equipment is will be measured a measurement that is put at it to allow space, measure accurately go out to be measured the dot of a surface sits 3 times in the space the numerical value of scalar potential buy, the coordinate of these dots the value passes computer data processing, plan to close form measure an element (wait like round, ball, columnar, curved surface) , through maths computational method reachs geometry of etc of public errand of its appearance, position measures data. The development as advanced computer technology, laser technology, sensor technology and automation technology, contemporary coordinate measures a technology to develop quickly, appeared in succession high accuracy coordinate measures arm of joint of machine, movable type, laser to dog the measurement of the high-grade such as appearance equipment, have high accuracy (can amount to micron class) , all-purpose sex (replaceable a variety of length gauge measure an instrument) , digitlization (the three-dimensional coordinate that changes hypostatic model into digitlization) characteristic, consequently many, use at the product widely mapping, complex model the face detects, tool clamping apparatus is measured, measure among development process, CNC machine tool or flexible product line is online measure wait for a respect. Current, these are advanced one of pillar technologies that measure a technology to had become aviation industry to develop, it is the foundation that ensures manufacturing industry to realize tall complexity and high accuracy, complete digitlization is designed and make especially today, more the coordinate that cannot leave to use digitlization measures equipment to realize geometrical appearance feature to detect, from inside the primitive data that designs digital-to-analogue extraction coordinate gauges diagnostic demand, undertake comparing pair of test and verify according to measuring data and good design data actually, ensure better design, treatment, detect fiducial the accordance that fastens with coordinate and oneness, feedback better at the design, use at parameter to amend, so, advanced coordinate measures a technology to appear more and more important. Accordingly, we see not hard, aviation manufacturing industry used a lot of advanced collect cutting tool a few this years to detect not only, coordinate fixed position is measured, machining the function at an organic whole is much, professional strong compound model numerical control equipment or equipment of large machining center, return form a complete set at the same time the laser that a lot of coordinate measure machine, appropriate large size dogs the digitlization such as appearance, articulatory arm is advanced measure equipment. Laser dogs to appearance already replaced altazimuth, sruveyor's level almost and be used extensively at product process to detect; Coordinate is measured aircraft is general already with Yu Ling the component machines a process or the product is checked and accept detect, realize efficient, muti_function, digitlization to measure; Laser is umbriferous system (Laser Edge Projection System) already also got use. As assemble a technology of revolutionary requirement put forward, digitlization detects equipment will receive more wide application. Face a large number of advanced coordinate kind measure equipment, how to develop coordinate to measure a technology to produce medium crucial effect in aviation, make an industry offer technical safeguard to appear more and more important for aviation better, all sorts of measurement that what in be being carried out according to be produced for years below, encounter problem, measure a technology to be an a few idea that talk about his with coordinate. Advanced coordinate measures a technology to list a husband to had said in the main effect Men Jie in aviation manufacturing industry " did not measure do not have science " , measuring a technology is the foundation that ensures scientific research production, to scientific research development is having main effect, digitlize especially make today, the sort of securing, appropriative or manual industry measure, flat adds what height gauge adds callipers to examine mode cannot be satisfied completely already contemporary make and workpiece of more and complex form measures need. Replace, coordinate measures the role with had acted more and more important: Before finish machining fiducial reach fixed position dimension to measure, after new technology protocol try to treatment is measured and offer product whole process to measure, rejected product do poorly done work over again is measured and the action such as data analysis. Below the trend that pays attention to personalized production increasingly at present, advocate 100% detect, utmost ground assures product quality, not only by accurate measurement data assures the cutting tool, validity that machines fiducial, fixed position, still need by true measurement data guidance machines craft of process, monitoring, detect product, quality ability gets ensuring truly. More important is, through measuring, not only can well and truly discovery, feedback coordinates the difference between design and real process capability, play measures a technology to be between design, craft and machining the bridge action of a connecting link between the preceding and the following, return the control that can realize pair of products through measuring data and evaluation, amend parameter of design, craft ceaselessly, profit of seed of in an attempt to is made. We know the close sex that measures a technology, scientific sex advanced coordinate measures equipment to be introduced from abroad mostly, begin to apply from abroad above all, and foreign developed country takes seriously very much measure technology and measure talent team to build, from the civilian machine of subcontract product line can understand the slashing requirement to measuring a technology, for instance: Spend mill part to subcontract thick collect with the analysis, the assess that measures an outcome to finally and optimize processing, the demarcate before the auxiliary tool that includes to be used every time even all asks to use is measuring demarcate data logging what approximately detailed rigor waits in the report to gauge a demand. Because the true measure of any product parts exists objectively, implementation is measured and people can get the measured value of an agreement only through measuring equipment as far as possible, the dependability of measured value (the level that approachs true value) very old rate decides at measuring equipment is mixed measure personnel ability, the link that to each implementation measures holds bad metropolis to affect the accuracy that measures an outcome finally, so, must realise the close sex that measures a technology and scientific sex. The content of science and technology that Nextpage advanced coordinate measures a technology and tall difficulty are current, digitlization makes a technology already gained ground more and more, a lot of large manufacturing industry are already all-around realized digitlization design, make reach detect, the coordinate of all sorts of norms and precision is measured aircraft is general already the process that is used at the component between machine extra buses or trains detects and check and accept, laser kind large size measures equipment -- laser dogs appearance also gains ground more and more, it is tool is made, large part detects of first selection advanced measure equipment, lidar, indoor GPS (Indoor GPS) had used at digitlization to assemble the spot stage by stage. Be being measured as a result of coordinate is the measurement with an omnibus strong, complex extremely high rate technology, when because undertaking coordinate,be being measured, we need to ask according to blueprint paper formulate is specific measurement technique and craft, want to know the digital measurement technique of feature of of all kinds geometry, include dot, space site, line (sectional line, center line) , round (sectional circle) , planar, columnar, conic, ball, curve (flat curve, space curve) , the measurement of the geometrical element such as curved surface and plan to add up to a method, each geometry feature measures extraction and standard what need relevant parameter; The digital assess method that knows common difference of of all kinds geometry and of all kinds and fiducial with standard system establish a method; Integrated consideration is measured all sorts of measurement on workpiece engineering design to ask, the azimuth holding clip of certain work and means (include to consider to measure clamping apparatus to wait) , the type that measures a needle, size, azimuth and combination; The basis is measured in workpiece the particular case of geometrical feature (wait like size, azimuth, appearance and exterior quality) , choose appropriate measurement technique, undertake installing to measuring medium specific parameter, include to measure bit of amount, measure a dot to distributing, measure the position to wait; According to the fiducial requirement of workpiece engineering design, the measurement with right choice and assess are fiducial build element of method, geometry to plan to add up to method, error assess method to wait; The particular case that is aimed at the workpiece that be measured and gauge a demand automatically, affirmatory geometry number is measured (coordinate is measured) a few parameter in the process, if measure of machine measure force, traversal speed, measure speed, be close to and answer cancel a series of courses such as the distance, intermediate point that runs automatically, safe plane, number that measure a needle and process designing parameter. The workmanship of similar work, effectively guidance and normative and specific figure measure the job, ensure the reproduction that measures an outcome and repeatability, be familiar with the level of decision of acceptance that measures an outcome, inaccuracy to spend origin analysis to reach surely even measure method of result decision of acceptance to wait. So, want to had used these advanced coordinate to measure equipment, coordinate measures personnel not only the equipment operation with need rigorous course, use groom, the tall difficulty that still must have system of the following knowledge and ability of integrated capacity demand to answer its to measure: · is familiar with the technical standard such as concerned GB, ISO and ASME; · has the capacity that communicates each other with product engineer; · is familiar with the principle that geometrical coordinate measures and method; · has the operation technical ability that coordinate measures; · has installation craft and tool knowledge; · understands a tradition to measure the knowledge of the respect and relevant standard; · understanding measures tool, measurement technique, measure environment, workpiece the actual state element influence to measuring an outcome; · has the capacity that has judging an analysis integratedly to measuring an outcome. The understanding that because measure equipment to operate staff capacity to ask to advanced coordinate,coordinate of aviation manufacturing industry measures technical application current situation and talent shortage issue is insufficient, mostly the enterprise presses every plant layout normally when purchase 2 ~ the operation personnel of 3 technical secondary schools or record of formal schooling of three-year institution of higher learning, it is commonly smoke v to come from inside craft or jockey of numerical control machine tool, and rather than has been engaged in a project measuring, have the personnel that measures practice experience basically. This kind of personnel is measured in the coordinate of type of supplier short-term lash-up after the technology grooms, operate with respect to mount guard, occurrence question is more. (1) devoid experience and skill, insufficient to equipment function understanding, often stay on the mainest operation, answer hard measure the task complexly a little; (2) insufficient to measuring the integration analysis ability of the result and judgement ability. Individual branch by craft member write measure technological process, jockey can be measured only select a site, exact to blueprint mark size, form tolerancepublic errand requirement and data processing do not have analytic capacity, can decide simply according to measuring data only spare parts qualification. Cannot apply national standard correctly " GB/T18779.

1, 2002 Idt ISO14253-1: Standard of technology of quantity of 1998 products geometry (GPS) workpiece and the measurement that measure equipment examine " the first part: Press normative certificate of proof or sentence established rule or practice unqualifiedly to analyse the qualification that handles product part, eligible or those who contain part of product of easy miscarriage of justice is unqualified; (3) post firewood fulfil sets on the low side, operation personnel shrink back from difficulties is brought about measure personnel to had been changed fast; (4) industry shortage measures team whole program, each branches disperse alone type management is used, measure ability uneven, equipment use efficiency is not tall; (5) measure machine and laser to dog to the coordinate that applies generally the maintenance of appearance and repair ability shortage, rely on manufacturer home almost, and safeguard repair cost taller and taller. Make it is good to measure talent team to use advanced measure equipment, serve what aviation industry measures equipment as a result of coordinate to popularize application, a little large company has an amount to be as high as a few, concerned branch needs the condition with new ground, the measurement that breaks a tradition army government pattern, proper understanding measures the actual state of technical qualified personnel currently, brand-new what the consideration chooses to have ABC of craft, software partly is compound model the talent is entered measure a team, drive and foster to have high quality, efficient specialization measure technical echelon formation, strengthen ceaselessly measure the technology grooms and communicate, cogent had used these advanced coordinate to measure equipment, develop what coordinate measures equipment adequately to measure ability, improve work efficiency, rise detect quality, do good rate of progress and quality safeguard to serve production better. CNC Milling