Electrochemistry (electroanalysis) treatment

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The passageway inside principle spare parts intersects point is crude containing burr is headachy problem all the time. Electrochemistry goes burr is the good method that solves these problems. This one technology is to use figuration tool, undertake machining to the place of make choice of of workpiece. See a picture 1, receive the electrolyte that connects electric current to be passed between workpiece and tool, the instant is deliquescent burr, go burr while, inside the passageway intersects place generation is even, accurate pour curl wine cup. Handling time arrives in 10 seconds commonly between 30 seconds. Most workpiece uses tool of many electrode head, can achieve taller work efficiency. Purify quantity depends on workpiece (positive electrode) with tool (negative pole) between the size of electric flow. Electrode head designs the form that says relatively with workpiece surface normally. Advantage electrochemistry treatment is one kind has distinguishing feature, efficiency manufactures a technology high, machine all sorts of metal spare partses aptly, in order to goes burr, forming machine treatment, edge horn pours round, finishing. Those who cast, forging, machine treatment, or the methodological polish that the spare parts that electric spark machines can use electrochemistry. Purify quantity is in 0.

01mm arrives 0.

Between 5mm. General situation, bright and clean degree ameliorable 5 to 10 amounts class. The product surface after polishing is even and slick, and mirror type is ablaze. The representative application that uses electrochemistry polish includes: Have high pure the part that spends a requirement completely; Human body operation is embedded; Bottle model; And various stainless steel spare partses. Be like: When spare parts of atomizer of electrochemical machining diesel engine, in in aperture place treatment gives side of a wall smooth mensurable cavity, pour a circle to horn of alternate a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place, edge at the same time. American extruding is abrade company development electroanalysises successfully go automatically burr equipment, have a hour of capacity that can process 100 products. Graph 2 it is the housing that machining a car to go up with safe gasbag device in electrochemistry, 48 alveolus are shared on every housing, 8 housing are machined at the same time, poriferous of the place of 10 seconds of less than that finish goes burr treatment. Graph 3 in the parallel case that two Zhang Xiaokong pictures are treatment around. CNC Milling