Use CNC milling machine undertakes opening slot accurately on custom-built synchronous belt

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Graph 1 go out in blank position mill perforative the long chamfer of whole synchronous belt is no matter a chamfer with aspirant simple travel is taken to still have complex milling process in custom-built synchronism, CNC milling machine can be finished easily. This product uses special aluminous profile to be made, the main shaft that deployed frequency of top rotate speed to be able to amount to 40000r/min and muti_function tool carrier pays perch. Take supplier Megadyne to synchronism for, cooperate with company of Isel of mechanical manufacturer Germany, in the light of different client the requirement undertakes to current product particularly custom-built strategy had scored a success. Below the help of the CNC milling machine that manufactures in Isel company, cooperate the other equipment that Megadyne company proper motion manufactures, on the base that can bring in standard synchronism, according to different milling requirement of the client, finish of all kinds and simple or sophisticated treatment easily to drive groovy technology. If blank place is taken in standard synchronism can mill gives a long slot perforative whole synchronous belt (graph 1) , OK solder enters chock, no matter how long leather belt is much,come so wide, can ensure its run orbit to reach the designated position accurately. To realize this one function, isel and Megadyne are right current Flatcom-XL series equipment (graph 2) did a few revise, the main shaft that increased 40000r/min of high frequency turn up on original basis and muti_function tool carrier pays perch. Graph 2 current Flatcom-XL series equipment were done a few revise, the tool carrier that the main shaft that increased 40000r/min of high frequency turn up on original basis and the milling cutter library that can change comprise by linear motivation and helix motivation component raises lever to be in this equipment, the part that has conclusive effect is tool carrier pays perch. Raise lever to be comprised by two parts, among them forward linear momentum ensures action of main shaft pressure arrives on synchronous belt, to leather belt the surface forms columned pressure in the process that at the same time gyroidal motivation component is advancing. This equipment takes the biggest length of exterior work to be 16m in synchronism. When answering a few more sophisticated treatment to ask, when the carriage leather belt that produces vacuum-packed product for instance, to the treatment of milling machine precision requirement is met particularly tall, it is equipment adjustment semi-automatic mode with respect to need at this moment, have the process of milling and bore alternately according to need. Another Flatcom-XL equipment is for a kind of special need and of the design. When synchronism of treatment special type is taken, while it is having milling and bore process, undertake to leather belt polishing is handled. The component that the burnish that finish works is a cross that contains linear motive power unit stage, the puissant electric machinery that provides power of roll coming back and polishing grind segment were installed above (graph 3) . Graph the component that the 3 burnish that finish work is a cross that contains linear motive power unit stage, the puissant electric machinery that provides power of roll coming back and polishing grind segment were installed to use polishing grind segment to be able to make synchronism takes the appearance above more compact, provide flexibility more. Because milling movement is right linear accuracy demand is very high, the helix with the tailor-made need when be being machined so locates the tool will secure the motion that machines an object, realize this kind of fixed function to basically rely on a gyral electric crankshaft. What the component of CNC milling machine uses is tailor-made aluminous profile, use linear main shaft comes from Isel company likewise, and be be based on the linear ball bearing that steeliness of essence of life becomes. And the main component that the main shaft of ball guide screw of the driver of ball guide screw that handles through sclerosis and course polish processing also is precision of card of middleman and guarantor of whole operation flow. Hold the servo electric machinery that dominate to undertake athletic point-blank providinged power for CNC milling machine easily. Milling machine work station deserves to have milling cutter of face of shape of the T that can locate accurately chamfer, can offer the pressure that answers relatively to be worth according to all sorts of different cutting tool and equipment. What its base adopts is beehive type design, by solid aluminium board frame is made. The palm accuses global console to machine the shield that deploys outside package is a be aluminium and organic glass composition airtight space. The design that fold door adds bolt assured to be in switch on the mobile phone no matter be to enter makings or discharge to won't get,condition falls dimensional confine, also won't hamper at the same time other equipment. Compositive the controller connective on milling machine is all CAN-CN controller, these controller are controlling the main shaft of root or 3 more amounts. Operating personnel basically is to pass to the operation of milling machine inside the CNC Control Panel of buy will finish, and open the Isel with extremely strong sex to control software platform to need not accept restriction almost with any clients already some equipment implementation are not had seam join, can ask to undertake modification according to the client. CNC Milling