Optical surface machines the inspissation of craft catenary

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To make fragile hard the effect that has the material of high strenth to achieve optical quality appearance, must be ground through kibble, essence and polishing 3 measure. Among them the time proportion that polishing place holds is highest can amount to 70% , at the same time it is the measure with a highest cost. So the consideration grinds essence of life close with polishing 2 for all this are OK and remarkable reduce cost. The difficult course of the machine tool of Austin Healey 3000 that manufactured 1962 and contemporary the impact that exceeds gain of accurate grinding technology, perhaps compare car and car fan, grind a technology and science home more close. Because be put in a kind of such phenomena,in the final analysis is, and different person gifted its different name, try every means should overcome a few people, and another some of person hopes to undertake developing using to its however. The Fe(OH)2 of → of chemical and formulary Fe2+ + 2OH- with chemical vivid family expenses will describe it, the OH- ion that explains hydrogenous oxidation ferrous the particle that it is iron and moisture solution generation produces the product of reaction. The painter thinks red comes from reactant hematite 2 times, optical expert uses polishing agent as it before, name its for polishing red, and car fan call his dreariness mostly " ferruginous " . To make fragile hard and the result that the stuff with expensive intensity achieves appearance of optical quality building materials, must be ground through kibble, essence and polishing 3 paces craft. Among them the time proportion that polishing place holds is highest can amount to 70% , at the same time it is the measure with a highest cost. If grind essence of life,close with polishing 2 shorten for one OK perhaps and apparent ground handling time. No less than from " polishing grinding " this one tag is OK and initial conclude go out, this is a process that assists grinding with polishing. In using a process, the accretion of polishing agent has 5 kinds of kind: - exterior add. - add in cooling lubricant. - add in emery wheel. - add in workpiece. - arise in grinding process. Metallic oxide structure is inattentive if polishing agent is,arise by oneself in grinding process, need to use corrosion product -- " rust " characteristic. Metallic oxide has the inattentive structure of medium hardness, especially comfortable at polishing. In grinding process, this kind of oxide can react through electrochemistry in emery wheel the surface is formed. Oxidation is the matter that the blame heavy metal that causes emery wheel makes a part form metallic oxide. The molybdenum ion in cooling lubricant can be in the process later form mixture crystal. Adopt this one measure, can come true even and the oxidation reaction that spreads all over whole face, raise oxide to expect in emery wheel agglutinate the adhesion strength of base. Because the electrode action of emery wheel is corroded it is an oxidation reductive process, this one process is OK undertake below the circumstance that does not have outside ambient action. Can oxidize quickly through installing electrobath reductive process: Electrobath is mixed by an anode a negative pole (positive pole and cathode) form, two electrode are parted by the clapboard of lubricant of an immerge refrigeration. As kinematic as grinding process and grinding corresponding ground, receive the emery wheel that has metallic compound positive electrode, use as zincous, and serve as cathode with cupreous electrode (graph 1) . Change power source and voltage parameter can affect the ply of oxidation layer. Through adjusting, the oxidation layer that can form ply to amount to 100 μ M (graph 2) . Of oxidation layer give birth to action of passivation of cause of formation and stop automatically. Undertaking machining to workpiece while, the oxidation layer contact in the emery wheel of working area and workpiece the abrasion in the process, its polish effect is produced below the actuating pressure of workpiece. Electroanalysis corroding is process of a self-excitation -- after oxidation layer abrasion can build new oxidation layer automatically again. Of course, corrode and not pure " make " polishing agent, and corrode and not pure " make " polishing agent, also produce an effect to grinding process: Felt material is eroded badly, cause those who add grain to cut bits report corrode to measured scale to produce a change. Purify sticks collaboration to use, grain retentivity is reduced, reduced the thickness cutting bits in machining a process thereby. Eliminate agglutinate action to quicken grain to fall off the exterior surface roughness that its are workpiece as a result gets ameliorative. Stick it is OK to eliminate collaboration to use make grain falls off as early as possible, the grain that become loose and falls off falls into workpiece and emery wheel to join a working slit between, assist action to arriving since polishing process with such means. (graph 3) Fulaoenhuofu produces technical academy (IPT) already succeeded on a certain number of station grinding machine ground test and verify technology of grinding of this kind of polish. The 97% above in the cooling lubricant composition after improving are water, yi Ke applies at conventional grinding technology. For example, the course of follow-up polish grinding that traditional kibble procedure need not get limitative ground and double screw machine to go up is finished in collective working area. (graph 4) graph the research before this makes clear the component that craft of 4 polish grinding makes essence of life grind a machine tool as a result, to the polishing grinding of steel, hard alloy, glass and pottery and porcelain treatment all produced favorable result (graph 5 ~ 7) . Be opposite especially vitreous material, the effect of polishing especially remarkable. Although the development of polishing grinding technology still is in start level, but ask to the treatment of optical surface and component in contented future the respect already showed tremendous potential. CNC Milling