Professional software opens the new phase of large gear cutting

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Software of GearMILL of GearMILL software major was offerred for gear cutting than so far special program more economic a complete set of makes a technology. Of production technology of high quality gear carrying out is extremely complex, so far, inside the industry mostly the special solution with bureau costly be confined to. DMG is him fixed position the supplier of energy technology in the market, in respect of cutting of large gear wheel, the general purpose machine tool of DMG company replaced special technical solution. DMG is on the base that has machine tool of 5 axes standard, offerred for gear cutting through using professional GearMILL software far than so far special program more economic a complete set of makes a technology, be answered actively what caused professional domain and pay close attention to highly. What differ with system of traditional CAD/CAM of 5 axes linkage is, the gear cutting software of DMG can pass mathematical computation to acquire accurate cutting tool method and position directly, is not the method that will acquire cutting tool through using similar space curved surface and azimuth. So, this software open up new approach, can generate the optimal gear that carries out on 5 axes machine tool to take cutter track way. In mill car on machining center not only the compositive treatment that can have initial final gear cutting from blank of gear swing tower, and the treatment that still can complete whole gear axis. By the module of software of gear cutting GearMILL of research and development of DMG proper motion can according to gear parameter complete computation gives data of tine antrum geometry, make the 5 rods that for DECKEL MAHO place of all-purpose machine tool uses again next machine program, use double passageway process designing, process designing time shortens 60% . Compare with photograph of craft of traditional gear cutting, in the gear cutting that car of DECKEL MAHO mill can realize to hold calorie of majority that finish on compound treatment machine tool. Come so, can shun work already assemble and unassemble time, can reduce the latency time between working procedure again, outfit card saves the time of 50% . Through standard cutting tool is being used on standard machine tool, can change quickly the gear with different treatment, return the special cutting tool that can use a client to appoint, because this has very tall flexibility. Use technology of linear electric machinery, feed speed can amount to 70 ~ 80m/s, rose to machine efficiency, handling time shortens 30% . Introduce mill car when compound treatment gear, install the gear cutting of calorie of majority that finish, excluded the precision loss that cannot avoid in installing calorie of process for many times. Even if treatment of hard tooth flank, the machine tool of DMG also can achieve ideal exterior precision, amount to 58 ~ 62HRC like the material hardness that can machine; Gear precision amounts to DIN 3 class (be equivalent to ISO 3 class) . For the precision from gear and exterior surface roughness, had reached the level that roll flute can reach. The machine tool uses main shaft of high rate, high accuracy, big torque, main shaft torque can amount to 1240Nm, 12000r/min of turn up of electric machinery main shaft, assured the precision of large gear cutting. Use 5 rods 5 linkage machine tool machines large gear wheel, it is equipment investment is reduced substantially above all. A machine tool can realize the gear cutting of the major type that includes bevel gear inside, avoided what large private plane holds high to introduce reach upkeep costs, compound processing technique reduces mill car the investment cost of 50% . On the other hand, the complexity that machines craft is reduced substantially. Use standard cutting tool, can realize soft to commonly used and aleatoric dentiform hard gear to have the treatment of efficient, low cost and short period, reduced finished cost. CNC Milling