Car mould is made in the applied introduction of technology of 5 axes Laser Cutting

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In industry of aviation, spaceflight, 5 axes technique is very famous, wait for the application of the respect like milling of impeller, lamina, structural member, 5 axes linkage already made the technology of a kind of maturity, forward position through old application. This technology also received wide application on special project and product in recent years, be like 5 axes technology of laser beam machining. In last few years laser technology got rapid development, already the cut technology of predominate. Because its have better cut quality and precision, and unapproachable treatment speed, board industry thinks Laser Cutting replaces the technique of Sheet Metal Fabrication of punch predominate extremely likely in the future generally. The principle of the principle Laser Cutting of Laser Cutting is: In stimulate action of energy of beam of light to fall (cut mechanism is aided to fall in oxygen, the quantity of heat that adds gush oxygen and the metal that reach burning point to produce exothermic reaction to give off even) , material surface by rapid (inside inductive limits) heat thousands of fuse to on 10 thousand degrees therefore or vaporization, be assisted as vaporization content transgression and melt object high-pressured gas (oxygen or nitrogen) blow, cut seam generation. In the branch that cut has oxyacetylene metal-cutting and nitrogen to cut in real operation, in maintain premise of similar cut precision to fall, oxyacetylene metal-cutting quantity of heat big, rate is rapid, but cut layer of Bian Youhe color, thin oxidation; Nitrogen needs to use high-pressured nitrogen, speed slow, cost is high, but cut an edge not to have the oxidation, gray that show silver, can undertake soldering directly, commonly used come the stainless steel with cut higher demand a kind of material. 5 axes technology of laser beam machining makes medium advantage laser beam machining already became contemporary car to make indispensable technology in contemporary mould, the manual cut that replaces a tradition + develop an advanced technique that cuts moulding into parts to build means to already became international to go up to develop energetically. Well-known, in the making process of the mould, overhauling process of edge, punching is the difficulty in mould production process all the time, especially a few structures are complex inclined cut, inclined strong, inclined break up wait for large car mould. The if use a convention,decides making way that builds foul line is very painful, and need to relapse instead answer fumble a few times even more than 10, to benchwork, treatment equipment brought huge workload, not only raised taller requirement to the skill level of benchwork, and of mould of the working procedure after can be being affected severely debug. And the cutting blade capable person that there is a lot of to build model of edge, punching in reality considered to use alloy steel from cost character, wait like Cr12, Cr12MoV, if use the traditional moulding that decorate a border to make a method, can undertake v for many times to point with respect to hard to avoid, because the material above such as is in the process that has v for many times, easy craze and cause mold insert to discard as useless, must fill afresh makings rework, such, not only periodic meeting by lag, and the making cost of the mould also can raise considerably. If use Laser Cutting technology, be like the car spare parts that the graph shows 1 times to development, etc pull delay about (the graph is shown 2 times) after success trying a model, can replace working procedure of long edge, punching with Laser Cutting, the edge pursues 2 on shows long foul line has cut, the appearance cut earning use at issueing a flange working procedure to undertake trying a model directly, the final shape earning provide with check undertake comparative, if have difference, be opposite through the computer last long foul line undertakes nap again cut, till succeed. Whole process saved two working procedure, changed the traditional single-track and serial way that make completely, shortened greatly technological process and reduced a mould to make cost. Be based on 5 axes technology of laser beam machining is having so clear advantage in the process that contemporary mould makes, accordingly, the times favour that gets business of a lot of moulds, received extensive, successful application. Much axis CNC Machining of much axis of cut of much axis of the technological process of laser beam machining and laser of process designing strategy and other is same, can involve the issue of work location clamping apparatus, the method that comes from the PEPS software of British Camtek company to solve this one problem is very simple, practical. PEPS used a clamping apparatus automatic forms for reporting statistics, change interface to read in product model data through CAD above all, wait for missing or fuzzy data to have repair to broken face and broken face, consult to machine a model to install the position undertakes fixed next, the range that needs treatment certainly, height and clamping apparatus material are qualitative, board thick wait for parameter, the system can produce proper product according to these parameter sectional contour line, generate hypostatic outline graph to support work, after the span with affirmatory good corresponding clamping apparatus, these hypostatic clamping apparatus can make 2 dimension plan automatically form, press the size of clamping apparatus board that offers beforehand, make the graphical file with automatic platoon good appearance and NC cut file, make of clamping apparatus make handy, quick. But cut Ban gold with treatment mould or other machine add a product to differ, because clamping apparatus is mixed by the product of cut it is a few relative to thinner Ban gold, its intensity is weaker, besides a few auxiliary measure (if be in,press embed clip) outside the fixed position precision with improving a product, the work out of the program also particularly crucial. Well-known, after panel punch shapes, according to product figure different the spring back that having different rate, cut is sequential different, of interiorly stress release and below the concussion of the gas of auxiliary high pressure when cut, spring back and metabolic degree also differ somewhat, having very big effect to the fixed position of follow-up cut product, so cut is abided by commonly first behind aperture, first small hind big, first inside hind the principle outside, need to make the exception of special processing to a few complex products; The control of cutter shaft vector is 5 axes all the time the key in processing technique and difficulty, in the control respect of cutter shaft vector, system of PEPS5 axis process designing is had relatively intelligence is changed and convenient, agile control module, in the work out process of the program, the system can take the vector way of each node automatically according to the three-dimensional outline on product curved surface, do not need personnel of process designing technology to set drive face or drive line and the treatment contrail with fluent generation. To the product with a few complex form, because local curvature has very big change, be like R around, the change of the curvature when cut builds those who become feed to reduce, make the energy of laser is inside effective cut length assemble piles up and burn product, affect the quality of the product badly, this needs to do proper adjustment to the direction of cutter shaft vector of these area, the made knife course that produces ideal. The traditional sophisticated treatment software that uses at present with a lot of big airline and Motor Corporation is compared, of system of PEPS5 axis process designing successive 5 axes treatment is more simple. What its machine an object is relatively onefold nod vector with random adjustable successful development of the function, efficient, accurate substance is emulated, the disengagement in making it is debugged from the treatment strategy of loaded down with trivial details and program comes out, its agile, intuitionistic and use a gender easily to make laser much the design of axial program masters more easily to technical engineer, also be opposite at the same time the application of this technology aborning and promotion created advantage. Although Laser Cutting has rate fast, precision is advanced advantage, laser Cutting technology is the substantial of domain of application of laser beam machining, it is one of advanced cut technology on current world, but also have certain limitation, it is the development that its costly equipment and software of corresponding process designing are restricting it not only, of its laser parameter and cut parameter reasonable use also need further research and exploration. CNC Milling