The electron beam in aviation manufacturing industry solders

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Of numerous spaceflight project start, promoted advanced solder technical development. Among them, electron beam solders have high energy density, Gao Rong to appear a gender, solder be out of shape the area is small, easily it is control, difficult to can solder the advantage such as frit and heterogeneous metal, a when in making spaceflight manufacturing industry, cannot replace. Design of our country large airlines and make, manned spaceflight and visit month project great and special start in succession, right advanced solder technical development is had powerful draw and urge action, solder the technology already evolved to make a technology for a kind of key by a original kind of auxiliary workmanship gradually. From 1882 solder of occurrence carbon arc begins, arose to bury arc solder, resistance welding, electroslag welding to reach all sorts of gas to protect solder early or late. Enter 20 centuries after 60 time, solder the development of new energy resources makes plasma solders, vacuum electron beam solders and laser beam welding is received etc advanced high-energy bundle stream solder methodological emerge as the times require. Soldering numerously in the technology, electron beam solders the technology depends on his high energy density, Gao Rong appears a gender, solder be out of shape area it is small, difficult to be controlled easily and can solder the advantage such as frit and heterogeneous metal, domain of numerous production technology waits in aviation, spaceflight, nuclear energy, motivation, mechanical, car and electronic medical apparatus and instruments, producing the effect that cannot replace. Electron beam solders the electron that principle and characteristic electron beam solder is generation of place of the cathode in using electron gun the high pressure between shade positive pole (25~300kV) be quickened to come below electric field action quickly very high rate (0.


7 times velocity of light) , after action of assemble of classics magnetism lens, form concentrated high speed electron to flow. When the surface of electronic bombard workpiece that high speed moves, the heat energy of material of kinetic energy translate into, make material melts quickly and achieve soldering goal. Electron beam solders in existence " keyhole effect " make its can one-time solder shows the stuff with hundreds thick millimeter. The formation of keyhole effect is a process of complex high temperature hydrokinetics. When surface of metal of electron beam bombard, the metal is fused quickly and reach boiling point, one part metal by aerification. When metallic vapour leaves bath, to liquid state the metal generates an additional pressure, be in with bundle below the joint action that sheds pressure, make fused metal is discharged, electron beam can continue the solid metal of bombard bottom, below successive action by solder metal in form alveolus very quickly. Density of electron beam power is higher, the deepness of alveolus is bigger. Move on workpiece as electron beam, alveolus also moves together as electron beam, liquid state metal bypasses alveolus flows to bath hind make ceaseless lock shuts alveolus caky form welding line. Above place narrates electron beam to solder the principle makes its have the following characteristic: 1.

Energy density is extremely high electron beam solders energy density is as high as 107~109W/cm2, can realize high speed to solder (minutely tens of rice) , deep penetrable solder (solder steel ply amounts to 150mm, solder aluminium alloy can amount to 300mm, deep wide than amounting to 50: 1) . Extremely high energy density makes electron beam can solder all sorts of difficult frit metals, include pottery and porcelain to wait even metalloid, and the possibility of composite material. 2.

Vacuum protection condition solders the protective condition that the technology is developing to also be being improved ceaselessly in the process and perfect bath. Electron beam solders undertake in vacuum mostly, offerred ideal protective condition for welding line metal and whole spare parts, can prevent material oxidation and other harmful gas is invaded. Exploit bath and true empty mood press difference, be helpful for welding line fusing the place in the metal contains aeriform eduction, reduce welding line stoma, increase air-tightness, increase welding line strength. 3.

Shu Liurong easy control is in cable of all carry on one's shoulder are basic in particle, the electron has the smallest quality (its are dormant quality is 9.

1 × 10-28g) compare character with very tall carry on one's shoulder (1.

74 × 108c/g) , can not have almost get inertially the control of electric field or magnetic field. Make electron beam is in current and foregone all sorts of soldering in heat source, become a kind to hold the heat source that control the most easily. Diameter of the power of electron beam, focus and bundle shed deflexion to be able to be adjusted accurately, make electron beam solders aptly delicate spare parts or the part that have special structure. Electron beam solders technical development and application 1958, ba Dong of academy of sciences of Russia Wu Kelan solders before the 1st experiment of the Russia before the institute went out with respect to development solders with electron beam device. Inchoate and main in applying at nuclear energy industry, apply in aviation motor industry subsequently. Because electron beam solders equipment price is high, can use at the nuclear energy, aviation, spaceflight and electronic industry department that has special demand to soldering only. 20 centuries 70 time, electron beam solders the technology is mature with each passing day, popularize large quantities of quantities quickly to produce an industry. The manufacturing efficiency with extremely tall electron beam and remarkable economic benefits make electron beam solders to show powerful competition ability in the civil industry department with intense competition. This one period, abroad almost all automobile factories already used electron beam to solder technical production concerns component. This one period, electron beam solders the positive result that fundamental theory and the research that use a base also obtained a lot of rich and economic senses. To 20 centuries 80 time end arrives at the beginning of 90 time, electron beam solders entered maturity and stable development period. Electron beam is deep the advantage of penetrable solder, make its are in large, in soldering, big ply begins of heavy-duty structural member to produce effect. 1986, the auto industry of our country begins to use electron beam welder art. Use electron beam to solder structural transmission, controallable the axial dimension of transmission, can go up in the foundation of original measure, increase gearshift class, improve the performance of light-duty car greatly, raise economic benefits. Enter 21 centuries, as human activity space to aerospace expand further, electron beam solders technical application also extends aerospace stage by stage. High low temperature spends alternant concussion, weightlessness, vacuum and cosmic rays radiate to wait for special aerospace environment, choice of the structural design to space navigation component, material and treatment craft raised very slashing requirement. Practice proves to satisfy afore-mentioned characteristics, electron beam solders the technology is one of indispensable strong tools. The United States and before Russia developed dimensional place successfully already to use electron beam welder, solder specially to suit environment, dimensional place should have the following characteristic with electron beam welder: 1.

Weight light, volume is minor, in order to go to the lavatory the rocket is locomotive reach astronaut operation; 2.

Want to undertake defending carefully to cosmic radius. Sharp cosmic ray can destroy semiconductor and insulation parts of an apparatus, must try to defend so. 3.

Need considers temperature of weightlessness, ultrahigh vacuum, space to make the impact that change. Electron beam solders those who apply to component of aerostat titanium alloy solder. 20 centuries 70 time end, mcDonnell Douglas solders with electron beam the titanium alloy wing of F15 battleplan and bracket column. Graph electron beam solders the wing carapace of all sorts of geometrical appearance wing on battleplan of Tornado of helm core envelope and F14 Tomcat uses electron beam to solder. The graph is to use electron beam to solder on the technology solders the sketch map of structural member of core of titanium alloy helm. Sketch map of structure of framework of core of titanium alloy helm is shown like graph A place, there are a series of annuluses on framework to with spokewise reinforcement, the reinforcement on helm core envelope and framework basically uses electron beam to solder and become, the helm core sketch map after graph C joins for helm core framework and helm core envelope. Be in our country, electron beam solders the production that the technology applies extensively already at domain of course of study of auto industry, gear cutting, accurate instrument and electronic bearing manufacturing industry, electrical engineering electric energy and aerospace domain and maintenance line of business. Group of our country heavy-duty automobile is in " 75 " during, use electron beam to solder the production of the axle housing of plank punch van that the method realized Austria successfully to introduce an item. Be in company of machinery of motivation of Chinese southern aviation, component of a lot of aviation engine key and civilian tasted production to use electron beam to solder technology. At present the whole world already had thousands of equipment to machine the industrial department such as course of study and heavy machinery to apply in industry of nuclear industry, aviation space navigation, nicety. Solder in electron beam the state that actual strength has on the development development of equipment and company have: Limited company of limited company of PTR accurate technology, Cantabrigian vacuum engineering and England receive an institute (of the TECH2meta company of TWI) , France and Wukelan cling to electric welding institute. The electron beam of a few afore-mentioned companies and institute solders equipment has in the world taller famous degree, the electron beam welder of place research and development has its applicability and characteristic each. Among them what the institute produces Wukelanbadu is medium welder of high-pressured electron beam, the technology is mature, performance is steady, the aviation space navigation of advanced Russia solders the practice application that received succeeding in the experiment. Electron beam solders the technology is OK and efficient obtain high quality, big deep wide compared welding line, the effect that cannot replace is being produced in the domain such as aerospace, it is astrospace those who solder is exclusive solder feasibly method. Experience development of 50 years, its use a field already from original " high-grade " the industry expands stage by stage civil domain, main effect is being produced in industrial production. CNC Milling