The maths in to program handles brief introduction

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The basis is machined part drawing appearance, according to already certain treatment route and permission process designing error, place of system of computational numerical control needs the data of the input, call maths to handle. Mathematical processing includes two content commonly: 1, the appearance that gives out according to part drawing appearance, dimension and public errand adopt mathematical method directly (wait like trigonometry, geometry and analytic geometry law) , the about each bits coordinate that when computation gives process designing, needs is worth. 2, cannot calculate directly when the condition that gives out according to part drawing appearance the coordinate that when giving process designing, needs, when the condition that also cannot give out by the spare parts undertakes the definition of element of workpiece outline geometry undertakes automatic process designing directly, wait for treatment condition with respect to the specific technique that must use according to place, tooling, original to the spare parts figure reachs concerned dimension to undertake necessary maths processing or alter, the coordinate consideration that just can undertake each are nodded and process designing work. Specific have the following: (click the link below to examine specific specification) the composition of the error of CNC Machining of basic course · that · of base point of · of origin of · choice process designing is not round curve maths to handle CNC Milling