Of high rate compound change a technology

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With pursuit of much breed small lot high additional value transfers the manufacturer present the manufacturing industry that give to Asia, hamster, South America empty change, not only Japan, had made the joint appearance of country of very much alleged and advanced industry now. It is with machining industry of Japan exemple, the product that batch produces shifts Chinese production apparently, what keep production in home is the product of the much breed small lot with additional high value only. In other words, if cannot short time is efficient precision of ground production treatment is tall, complex small lot product, live in home hard. Also can say: "As long as although Chinese fertile is Japanese made also compete hard " . Below this kind of state, can undertake much breed small lot is produced, yield additional value is high, can efficient the compound treatment opportunity of treatment is favorred, order goods increasing. The compound treatment that high rate turns and example of a few treatment introduce below. Shorten machining periodic and compound treatment is to point to a number that ever needed a few equipment to be done at the same time to a series of treatment of plural working procedure, compound treatment opportunity that has corresponding much process capability through is finished entirely with the means of successive operation. Product of much breed small lot sends those who hope Yu Fu adds up to treatment is, through working procedure compositive change, shorten substantially the whole that ends to product treatment from material investment increases I time. Because connect the much breed small lot below general reason condition to produce, the time that whole production process needs should be more than the actual handling time of workpiece far, the fixed charge of the factory mostly detain was in on whole treatment cycle. Such OK also saying, the factory has the ability inside the product time that machining different figure to produce additional value only according to machining material to differ, and of the shift between each working procedure and working procedure awaiting is the time that loses value. Such, the additional value time that the purpose of compound treatment depends on increasing whole production cycle () of actual handling time. Original, the starting point of compound treatment is to be put in shorten the whole rationalize that much breed small lot produces machines a process, be worth what carry is, domain of production of the batch in waiting also is adding automobile industry recently order goods. Can think, because the small lot of integral product is changed, the mass-produced means of special product line is already malapropos, the development of compound treatment machine tool shortened production is periodic, its are actual handling time also has the capacity that surmounts current and special machine. The confluence of lathe, machining center completes much talk process to can be achieved for the mainstream, ask compound treatment machine tool has a variety of functions, develop very likely in the future to have function of heat treatment, grinding, become to cry, the equipment of factory I meaning. Current the most popular is machine turning He Zuanxi treatment to close, a word says the combinative put oneself in another's position that is lathe and machining center. Such, nature is to have turning treatment to use main shaft with main shaft and mill treatment, have at least linear 3 axes and circumgyrate the control of two axes, can get oblique plane treatment, from its the structure looks, still have 5 axes the ability that at the same time linkage machines free curved surface. Now, the product that adds texture of machining center function for the mother's body with lathe has had thousands of consign to use, make the main trend of compound treatment machine tool. Newest type is in lathe bed underside adds revolving stage, in order to shorten turning handling time, raise turning to machine precision, opposite enlarge production lot, satisfy the workpiece that gives priority to body with turning treatment thereby. From the point of the most workpiece of compound treatment, the handling time that get mill is turning handling time is multiple, then, machining those who attach most importance to a dot with mill in development now, the compound treatment machine tool that machining center gives priority to body. Although the time of development is not long, lathe of quantitative far be not a patch on gives priority to the machine tool of body, because its have newest machining center capacity, flexible wait with manufacturing efficiency got affirmation, order goods expanding ceaselessly. It is in the light of the diameter 800, 2, the compound treatment of 000mm workpiece, the machine tool of large and compound treatment that already developed a machining center and vertical lathe confluence now, throw the domain such as aircraft industry and construction machinery industry to use. From manufacturing industry located environment looks, compound treatment machine tool will be one of machine tool products that develop mainly all the time, the function expands ceaselessly, can side with " a machine tool makes plant of a coolie " directional stride. Machine example one: The crankshaft that car engine uses, it is one of workpiece with most working procedure of the treatment in car assembly, forging to begin with metallic mould from material, through working procedure of a few path treatment, the time talent that needs a few months finishs preproduction. This example is to answer the requirement of plant of a car of American, above the manufacturing cycle of a few months shortens finish, include process designing system to be developed jointly. It is to will forging material changes round good stuff to begin to machine, whole production process was finished in 8 hours. Producing a course is respectively: Process designing 6 hours, machine two hours. Also plant of car of home of know exactly about sth from forging material begins to use compound treatment. Machine example 2: Use the jet engine housing of material of not easy cutting, form is complex, treatment working procedure is very much, shorten substantially through using compound treatment to achieve the effect that machines cycle. Include the means of finished cost computation that a lot of factories use cost treatment latency time, it is the time that the finished cost of some component needs according to place of each working procedure, with time monovalent collaboration is the finished cost of the product. Such, happen inevitably between every working procedure, cannot increase additional value, the time that semi-manufactured goods is set to wait to issue working procedure did not include cost. Traditional method is, after manufacturing technology chief sees cost price express the achievement of reaction, can be in how to shorten way thinks on the handling time that behaves with data, and how does not great attention shorten cost price watch did not reflect the manufacturing cycle that come out. To make breed of production of much breed small lot, change changes the production of crop is achieved efficient change, be necessary shorten the expenses effect of whole production process includes cost cost price with digital means in. In the manufacturing site of much breed small lot, the work that actual handling time has a few hours only at most among a few weeks production cycle is quite a few. Be aimed at these workpiece, compound treatment is in reduce actual handling time while, compress hundreds hours of the others as far as possible adjacent 0, shorten whole production is periodic, be the technology of compound treatment. Look, each machine tool will produce manufacturer to be able to accelerate development to throw material give finished product directly henceforth, the compound treatment machine tool of ceaseless innovation. CNC Milling